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What’s End of Lease Cleaning? It’s just an agreement between the landlord and tenant that the tenant will be back in the home on the next date it is expected to be vacant. According to an end of the lease agreement, the tenant is required to vacate the property at the end of his/her rental contract. This is also called the termination of tenancy/lease cleaning. It’s a thorough and detailed cleaning of your rented property.

Why does it have to be done right away? As long as the tenant can vacate the property before the date ends, the cleaning business owner has the assurance that the property will be free of stains and dirt. The cleaning business owner will do a quick sweep through the property to eliminate dirt and stains. He may then add disinfectants to the cleaning solution and use special equipment to do the job. If there are animals or pets inside the property, the cleaning business owner will vacuum them out. Once this is done, he will dispose of them appropriately so they will not be used again.

How much does the cleaning business owner charge for his services? The price charged depends on several factors. A basic cleaning service usually includes mop ups, sweeping, dusting and deodorizing. Additional services can include carpet cleaning and floor cleaning. Some businesses also offer window cleaning and roof cleaning services.

What is a good time for a cleaning service to come out and get your home cleaned? The first week of the following month is often the best time to bring the cleaning service out to your home. Since most people tend to use their property for more than one purpose during that time, the cleaners will tend to go to the location where they’re going to use the property, leaving other parts of the property uncluttered and free from clutter.

How long does it take to find the professional cleaning service to fit you and your home? In most cases it will not take more than a day or two to locate a company that can fit your home and needs perfectly. They can be found online or in the yellow pages. Call the cleaning company for an estimate or price quote. Before you hire the company, talk with them about the specific requirements you have in terms of the type of work they do.

Is hiring a professional cleaning company safe? With a little bit of research on the Internet you can be assured that it is safe and secure.

When you hire an End of Lease Cleaner to clean up your home, you will see the difference in your property right away. Whether it is for your rental property or another part of your home, you can feel great about knowing that you’ve made the investment in a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

Why should you hire End of Lease Cleaners? You can enjoy all of the benefits listed above while providing a place to live in a safe and secure environment.

It is a good time to invest in a cleaning service because these professionals can help you maintain a positive image with your tenants. If your tenants are happy, they will likely be willing to stay longer.

Do you want to hire End of Lease Cleaners for cleaning on a daily basis? Some companies can give the same service every day. This can save you money if you have many different locations. For example, you might want to do weekly cleaning or bi-weekly cleaning depending on the number of tenants you have in your apartment complex.

It is important to find an End of Lease Cleaning Company that has been around for quite some time. Make sure that you’re dealing with an established company that is recommended by other residents. Ask to see references before you hire any cleaning services. You don’t want to do business with a cleaning service that doesn’t have a history of good customer service.