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End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

End of Lease Cleaning Service Melbourne

The last thing you want to fuss about during your moving out and moving in situation is the end of lease cleaning. Like it isn’t fair enough that you have to deal with all the packing and hassle of transferring in to a new home? And now you have to fret about the cleanliness of a home you’ll have to leave behind when in fact, you couldn’t even bother cleaning it while you lived there. As much as you hate doing it, you really have no choice. That’s when we come in to the rescue!

We are professionals that specialize in end of lease cleaning and offer high quality of service to the standard set by the landlords themselves. We will scrub everything that does not belong to your home from top to bottom including the most dreaded parts of the house like the toilet bowls and the kitchen oven.


Still not convinced? Maybe you’re thinking, what’s the difference between your cleaning and our cleaning services. You might also think that you can do the same quality of cleaning just like how we can do it. Well, we absolutely understand your hesitation but let us tell you this, our professional and remarkably well-trained end of lease cleaners has a detailed and accurate checklist which is the result of years and years of experience and had led to nothing else but excellence. In our keen checklist we never take for granted each crevices in every corner of your home so there’s not a single thing Mr. Landlord can take against you.

What Can You Expect From Our Melbourne Based Cleaners?

Our professional team of expert cleaners is fully equipped with the machines, chemicals and other necessary tools needed to do the job. They follow a strict and systematized cleaning process because they are exactly aware what real estate agents and landlords are looking for in a clean and make sure that you’ll get that deposit back.

We are more than happy to provide the full end of lease cleaning service, here are what we can offer and more:

  • Kitchen Cleaning Services – degrease range hood, clean bench top surfaces, clean back-splash, clean sink, handles and spout, clean pantry, clean cupboards, shelves and drawers, clean inside microwave, dishwasher, or fridge.
  • Bathroom Cleaning Services – wash tiled surfaces, clean bathtubs & basins, clean shower glass/screens, clean shower head and faucets, clean & disinfect toilets, clean vanity, handles and spout, clean medicine cabinets, polish mirrors, dust air vents.
  • Bedrooms, Living Rooms, & Dining Rooms Cleaning Services
  • Eliminate dust on all surfaces from furniture, nightstands, television stands, dressers to headboards. And other house decorations with extreme caution.
  • Cleans all type of wood furniture using microfiber cloth. For mark-free and polished finish.
  • Eliminate cobwebs especially on corners which are likely to have cobwebs in the area of the house.
  • Clean all types of floors, tiles, wood, carpet or rug.
  • Arrange dressers and closets.
  • Clean lighting fixtures.
  • Change bed linens.

–      Take out the trash. Empty wastebaskets and wipe them down.

  • Laundry Cleaning Services – vacuum/sweep/mop floors, wipe down washer and dryer surfaces, remove dryer lint, clean sink, handles, and spout
  • Balcony Cleaning Services – vacuum/sweep/mop floors, wash sliding patio doors and tracks (interior and exterior) wash window, sills and tracks
  • Garage Cleaning Services – sweep floors, clean cupboards, shelves, and drawers, remove cobwebs

Now what are you waiting for? Get a professional help and hire us! Our professional cleaning services are a life-saver. After all, if you’re in the new tenant’s shoes you’d also want to move in to a freshly-cleaned and hygienic home, do you?